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wjackp 07-26-10 09:28 PM

Old Rider - new to Forum .. Thanks
I live in Englewood, Florida .. have always loved bikes , but haven't really ridden much in 20 years .. I do look for old bikes ( good buys ) that should be preserved for those who appreciate them.

I bought a new Raleigh Super Course in 1974 .. and have been looking to replace it since my wife sold in in a moving sale (cry) ..

I just found a 1972 International Raleigh .. I plan to ride it for a while, until something as special comes along. Beautiful, original bike - 'cept for the new tires and chain. Serial #G1207.

I will try to post a couple pix .. and details are below ..

Thanks for the forum .. jack

oops - can't post pix maybe doesn't work with Google Chrome?

Here's a link for an Idea ..:
1972 Raleigh International 10 speed. Made in England. Excellent condition. Original light green with chrome rear triangle, lower front forks. Ornate chrome lugs. Reynolds 531 tubing. Campy derailleurs, downtube shifters, headset, seatpost, cable hangers, pedals, bottom bracket and crankset, Mafac brakes. Campy high flange hubs relaced with double butted stainless steel spokes to NOS original 700c Super Champion "Competition" clincher rims. Cinelli stem. Cinelli handlebars drops are cut short. Campy pedals with Christophe toe clips and straps. San Marco Concours saddle. Have original manual and sales receipt.

10 Wheels 07-26-10 09:54 PM

Welcome Jack to Bike Forums.
That is a so clean bike. Nice pics.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-26-10 10:29 PM

Use these code tags below around the URL of the individual pictures, and you will get an image display like this.

[IMG]then the URLwith no spaces[/IMG]

Use the reply with quote button to see how the code and URL combination is structured.

wjackp 07-27-10 05:03 PM

These photos are very small .. I will get a better package together .. Not for Sale ! .. I am just documenting for myself .. Someone else has kept it honest and authentic - and lessened the weight by 2-3 pounds .. I think it's very "cool" .. jack

rm -rf 07-27-10 05:44 PM

Check out the Retro Raleighs pages for some old catalog pictures.

wjackp 08-23-10 05:29 PM

Finally - many photos of 1972 Raleigh International.
Link to the photos on my Picassa Web album

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