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loyalty 07-27-10 12:27 AM

Hello from Nashville
I thought I'd make a quick introductory post here before the "newb" started up with all the question threads. I'm new to cycling, but definitely not new to internet message boards (hobbies and work).

I turn 30 in a week and have resolved to get into better shape, and since I both live and work downtown, I figured a bike would introduce a little more physical activity in my daily life.

I (not 24 hours ago) brought home a Diamondback hybrid "comfort" style bike. This is the first bicycle I've been on in a solid decade. It might me what I affectionately call a "Dick's Sporting Good Special", but it fit my qualifications; an entry level hybrid I could mod to my liking all under $350. That and I was grinning like an idiot as I tooled around on it for the first time.

So just saying hey, and I'll probably be hanging out in the "hybrid" and "bike repair" sub forums till I know what I'm doing:D

10 Wheels 07-27-10 07:23 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
You have a good bike to get you out of the kitchen and away from the computer.
Have fun with it,

loyalty 07-27-10 09:19 PM

Thanks...tomorrow I think I'll head out on the bike and see if our local greenway has recovered from the flood. This looks like it's gonna be a great way to get around town.

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