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Lay'emLow 09-07-10 11:12 AM

Greetings from gainesville!!
Hello all,

Wonderful site you have here. I have come across threads from this forum many a time in my quest to expand my knowledge of self propelled wheeled vehicles. I figured its finally time I join and hopefully start giving back.

Im no stranger to a bicycle, however my current level of interest is somewhat new. For about the past year Ive been building bicycles from whatever scraps of bikes others are willing to throw away or part with cheaply.

My motto- 'Theres no such thing as junk'

Velo Gator 09-07-10 11:14 AM


10 Wheels 09-07-10 11:19 AM

Hi Lay'emlow,

Do you ride um after you fix um?

Lay'emLow 09-13-10 11:53 AM

10 wheels, but of course! You don't think I put all that time and effort in for someone else's benefit do ya??

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