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Bruce Winter 09-12-10 07:51 AM

Intro and help needed with chainline question
12 Sept 2010

Good morning all,

My name is Bruce (46) and I live in Raynham ,MA. I ride a Trek 1000 with Campy (hand-me-downs) parts and most recently a Windsor Knight (came into the 21st century now)

I am hoping someone out there can help with the following situation:

The Windsor bike uses a SRAM Elita crankset/bottom bracket with an ultegra derailleur set, freewheel and shifters. The problem I am having is that when I shift off my middle chainring back to the small one the chain does not make it back onto the ring (rides in between the rings). The only way I can get it to do so is if I have the chain on the 4th cog on the freewheel. This presents a problem because it is too low of a gear to go into when changing from the middle chainring. My local bike mechanic has told me that it is a compatibility issue with SRAM vs Shimano. I could not believe this. What can you suggest? Can this bottom bracket accept spacers? Should I use a spacer(s) to bring the crank over to the right a little?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Bruce (1st time forum user)

10 Wheels 09-12-10 08:01 AM

Hi Bruce,
Post in The Bicycle Mechanics forum.
They can Tell you how to fix anything on a bike.
Pic would help.

RonH 09-12-10 08:02 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
Ask your question in the Bike Mechanics forum. You'll probably get your answer there.

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