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Hi everyone, my name is Alvin, I'm am a survivor like Lance Armstrong but in a different way.
First let me start by saying "Dreams Do Come True".

In 1987 I was an employee of Sizzler Steak House Resturant. I had Terioke Steak for lunch, I the next morning I awakened not feeling well but still determined to go to work that afternoon, while on my way to work I passed out on the sidewalk while never making it to work. My supervisor and my father took me to the emergency room. The prognosis was full blown food poisoning. They needed to give me a shot to stop the infection from spreading, after doing so, 5 imuntes later I began having sevier grandmol sezures, because of the high dosage they gave me,the sezures were happenning one after the other. I still don't remember much but that I was in and out of several different hospitals: Northwest, University, Harborview, Sweedish, Cabreni and Provedence hospitals. When no one could figure out what was casing the sezzures the put me on Dilantin the wrong thing to give again, my body did'nt react well to the medication and shut completely down causing me to submerge into a deep coma. When I came out of it, it was to my surprise that 2 and 1/2 yrs. had passed no one expected me to live and if I did at that moment the doctors were in the room telling myself and my parents that I would most likely sustain 97% brain damage and would have to be tought how to do everything but would still need assistance for the rest of my life. When the doctors and my parents left the room a nurse came in and told me that I would never amount to anything, and that I am just like all the other "N's" in the world, and did'nt give me my juice while walking out the room. I could'nt belive she said that, I did'nt do anything wrong to get the sizures or to deserve that. All I could think abut is that "I'M NOT GOING OUT LIKE THAT"!!! she also made sure to it with the doctor that I underwent extensive shock treatmet, while feeling as though I was making myself have them and that their have been cases wehre that has been. Later they gave me another catscan, they were amazed to find that a layer of liquid that covers a portion of the brain had some how disapated which left the erea expoed, further testing showed that the only way that this could happend is if I was injected with the wrong type of antidoted for my prior illness. Their calculation through research was right, Northwest Hospital was to blame. I underwent extensive rehibilitation and was released to go home with my family 3 months from that date. I still had to take Tegretal to prevent the sizures from returning. After about 5 months I was able to to sit ups on my own. During the weekend we as a familily sat down watching football on tv, as my father flipped through the channels he came acorss a bike race event taking place, it was the Tour De France. As they interviewed Greg Lemond I was surprixed to hear that he was only five years older that I was. I told my parents, "we've never heard of nor seen anything like this before, I would like to do that!" my father thought I was a little nuts but my mother infact said that I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I believe it can be done, but I would have to put away the dream of playing basketball inorder to really excel. Thieir began my quest. Greg Lemond had truly inspired and had tuched my life forever. I went on to read alot of books watch video's of bikes races, walked, light workouts wile beging to feel better phisically I began slowly taking myself off of the tegretal so that I would have more energy. by reading books I rebuilt my first Roligh bike, nothing
special. As I began ride I started getting better in health and lowering the amount of pills to "0". I road with Elliot Bay Bike shop, Greggs Greenlake Cycle and Team Shaklee over the years. I've had an opportunity to go to Holland and race through Ambsterdam, Belgum, Colorodo, and Hawaii. Recently I drank a protean drink called Ballance and had a really bad affalatic reaction, the medics said that if they had got to me a couple minutes later I most likely would'nt have lived, they had to shove a toob down my throught to clear a air passage way and forse air to my lungs. Upon releasing me from the hospital they said it would take 2 weeks for full recovery, I was up and going in 2 days. Then 3 weeks ago I was comming home from a traing ride when a lady did a half U turn in the middle of the road, stopped and waved me by as I purceeded she pulled of and slammed into the side of me, I hit the front right bumper of the car, some how my feet came out of the peddles and my bike slid under the car as she ran over it, then stopped, looked then pulled off a hit and run. the impact was enough for my feet to come out of my pedles I should have went under the car or hit from the front and thrown over the bridge and slite concusion (wore helmet). She took off speeding down the street and on to the freeway. Thier were three other witnesses who saw it happen, called the police and aid car. Later at the Hospital the police got a call that the girl was 23, no license, and the car was her moms. My insurance and attourney wen't to pursue them in the case but when it came time for them to aswer the summuns and appear in court everyone found out that they were already in the process of moving and they had left the state. Most likely nothing will every come of it. But I'm so happy to be alive and well. Only one big problem now, I don't have nor can I afford another bike. This was the only thing I could call my own. I am in this forum laying what little pride that I have left to ask if anyone has or knows of anyone who can or would like to donate a road bike to me, I was and would still like to be on the circut next year. It would mean so much to me. I still have to believe that breams still do come true.

Greg Lemond, Lance Armstrong and my survivals have been my inspiration over the years, You will be too!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my life canging experiences
And "Yes, I am sezure free, no not a one for years and don't plan on it!"

Please feel free to email me anytime: [email protected]

my name is Alvin G. Graham Jr.
I love life...

Men, women all riders be safe out their.

Thank You !

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God bless!!!
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