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3speedslow 10-19-10 06:04 PM

Carolina Intro
Time to do the proper thing and introduce myself. I been meaning to join for awhile but everytime I got to the site, I get sidetracked reading the posts and learning so much, I put it off for another time.

I originally logged on to look at the commuter forum, I being a daily rider to work and such.
Lots of good info and silent agreements with what is said there.

I have been riding pretty much my whole life. Started the 2 wheel trip on my Mom's Raleigh Sport and continued on through Schwinns and Huffys. We moved to Japan late 60's and road Bridgestones from then on even when I came back to the states.

Road the B- through college and took it with me to Germany.Can't believe I did not take advantage of the local biking choices. O well, it took me everwhere and even into a few races.

Closer to the present, I hit the race scene hard( CF Treks) til an unknown heart defect dropped me out of that kind of riding forever. I ride now for my continued health and soul ,knowing that my wife and youg son are the important items in my life.

I've found a slower pace with the older bikes and a source of enjoyment while working on them.

Thanks for reading, 3speedslow

Diolopez 10-19-10 08:19 PM

Welcome. Any pics of your bike?

3speedslow 10-21-10 05:24 PM

I got lots of pics...... but still stupid on the uploading thing. Worst kind of poster, huh ?

I will get on it. any particular bike you want to see?


NCMTBIKER 10-21-10 06:42 PM

Welcome to bike forums!!Im in north carolina bout 15 miles or so above mount airy

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