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ColumbusSLX 10-29-10 08:56 PM

hello from Boston!
Hey all, finally got around to joining. So, I'm an old steel junkie - my faves are a 1985 De Rosa pro SLX & a Giordana TT pursuit bike with C-Record stuff. Also have a gaspipe Peugeot for commuting, a used up Bianchi Veloce I still run on rainy days, and a pile of frames and parts.

Mostly I preserve and (only when necessary) restore these old beauties, and this forum has been AWESOME for helping with the details. So, thanks all, and hope to talk soon.

Some bikes I've done:

Namenda 10-30-10 06:15 AM

Welcome. Its a cool place, you'll like it. I like your DeRosa. Of course, I think I like every DeRosa.

See you around.

rumrunn6 10-30-10 07:00 AM

welcome. what part of Boston are you living? I'm out in the Stow area

ColumbusSLX 10-30-10 01:08 PM

Thanks guys! I'm in West Newton and work in Somerville.

rumrunn6 10-30-10 01:17 PM

I like west newton and used to work there. nice bike shop; gift shop; movie theater; bars and restaurants! I used to live in somerville - sounds like you have a decent set of towns for bike commuting!

ColumbusSLX 10-30-10 02:12 PM

Yep it's a 9-mile commute to work on my Pooh Joe, but it's east/west so I only do it in the 6 higher-sun months. Otherwise I am staring at the sun the entire time, and cars can't see me well. I am looking at moving my biz to the Newton/Needham line which is a bit closer, and the N/S commute means I can extend the bike season a bit.

WN is great. Wifey and I often walk to the square for date night when we can pawn off the kids with someone.

luckynumber4 10-30-10 02:30 PM

Welcome! I'm in Boston, too. Southie to be specific. Lovely bike pics!

slolane 10-30-10 10:11 PM

Nice! Sweet bike.

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