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junkyardking 11-06-10 04:09 PM

California Nube
Greetings forumsphere,
Just joined the forum here to further my obsession with all things cycle related.

I'm 24 years old, have lived in CA my whole life, and have ridden for as long as I can remember.
In the fall of 2006 I broke my collar bone while riding home from a long day of work and school (veered off the road, and was thrown over the bars), and stayed out of the saddle for two years (feels like it was longer than that). Since then, I got a bike that fit me better, and haven't looked back.
Between riding and commuting, I try to average 30 miles a day, but sometimes can't quite make that many (there are only 24 hours in each day, after all).
Currently I am the proud owner of three bikes:
-'84 Bridgestone 600
-2010 Novara Randonee
-2010 Motobecane Track
Either way, that's me and those are my bikes. I look forward to spending too much time here.

lesiz 11-06-10 06:59 PM

What part of Caly are you in.

junkyardking 11-07-10 01:52 AM

Spent the last five years in Santa Cruz, but just moved to San Jose.

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