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ChicAgo steel 11-08-10 06:54 PM

Having a ton of fun pedaling ChicAgo steel.

Hi folks,

I want to extend my gratitude and sincerest appreciation to everyone who has written about or posted pictures of Schwinn Lightweight model bicycles. Chances are good I've read your post or gazed upon the photo's. They are inspiring!

Having recently purchased an Opaque Blue, '72 Super Sport and enjoy riding it. It is currently in somewhat better shape than I. That is changing though. After a terrific thirty mile ride today and daily commute of about 9 miles each way.

Pictures when I can get some help posting'em. Thanks to all again and what a treat to be pedaling fillet brazed steel around town.

Juha 11-09-10 03:06 AM

Cheers ChicAgo steel, welcome to Bike Forums.

I agree, pics or it did not happen. :D Advice on how to post pics can be found here:!

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