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zippy138 02-06-11 12:52 AM

greetin's from texas ya'll!!
Hello everyone! I'm in Lance Armstrong country here in Austin Texas. I guess like every American kid I learned to ride a bike at an early age, and never really lost the love for the freedom of the ride. I was really into mountain biking for a few years, about the time judy 'rock shocks' first came out. Was a avid rider until I had to sell my ride. :mad: The last bike I had was a Raleigh mountain bike rode to and from work (15 miles or so) for 2 years or so, that was the last time i really rode (about 2003).

Just a few weeks ago I traded my buddy in dallas a Specialized Tricross for a macbook pro (deal or no deal???) that's what brings me here today. I have always loved tearing up a long single track on a mountain bike, but my brother in law has been doing the MS150 from houstin to austin and kinda inspired me to get a 'road' bike. Since I last REALLY rode I have packed on the pounds and really want to use this bike to get back in shape and have a great time doing it. :D

I'm really excited about riding again, and I figure I could swap tires on this thing and pretty much have a road bike, but I need to read up some more. I have checked out cyclocross and think i could really get into it since its like more 'off-road-ish' than just straight up road riding. I have been lurking for a while and i'll continue to read up on any questions I have before posting anything. Glad to have such a great resource of information and will contribute if I can.

If anyone needs to know anything about Austin I'm your man, I'm one of few people here now that is NOT from california. ;)

Happy Trails!!

10 Wheels 02-06-11 08:50 AM

Hello Zippy.

My friend rode her tricross 4200 miles from NY to LA in 58 days. She rode all 58 days, every mile.

Thanks for joining

StephenH 02-08-11 11:44 PM

Howdy and welcome to the forums. :)

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