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noxyce 02-13-11 04:47 PM

Hello From Massachusetts.
Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Chris and I live in Massachusetts. I've been kind of obsessing over bicycles for a while now, although I haven't done as much riding as I'd like. I'm hoping to get more familiar with classic bikes and maybe try my hand a building a commuter or two.

Anyway, I'll be lurking for a while. This is a nice place you all have here :).

CbadRider 02-13-11 11:05 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums Chris! What kind of bike do you currently have?

NCMTBIKER 02-14-11 06:43 AM

Hello and welcome to BikeForums!!

noxyce 02-14-11 07:39 PM

Right now all I have is a 2003 GT i-drive. I've been bouncing around the idea bike commuting. Not sure the GT is the best commuter right now, but I think it will work for while. I'd like to build a classic up with some more modern components, but we'll see how the money flows.

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