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jonescanada 02-15-11 07:17 PM

Hello from Canada's wang... some call it a peninsula
Hey I am from Sunny Niagara Falls and have been using this site for the last 6 months and thought it was time to start contributing.
I have bikes in some form for most of my life.
Some of my favourite childhood memories were made on two wheels.
Then I turned 17 and between roller-blades and a car biking fell out of favour.
Turn 25 I started biking again and after some failed experiments with <$100 department store bikes I went to a LBS and found something I could enjoy again.
I like biking for running errands, running around town and allowing my wife and I to adapt to sharing 1 car between us (with some carpooling to help)
I also am looking to try some longer day trips ~100k for fun.
Hope some of my experiences can be useful to the rest of the community.

10 Wheels 02-15-11 09:20 PM

Welcome jones to Bike Forums.

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