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bobbubbaclwon 04-28-11 03:46 PM

Newbie from san diego
Hi from san diego! I am 60 years old and a casual bike rider. I have owned $20 bikes to $5500 bikes (hp velotechnik). I love biking, but am no tour de france type biker! My biggest day ever was 150 miles, and my longest ride was two 220-mile 3-day rides with a group promoting low-vision riders like me. I am in the market for a recumbent again, and i am wondering if you all have thoughts on bacchetta carbon aero or carbent recumbents on the one side, and the greenmachine by flevobike on the other. What intrigues me about the greenmachine, is that they have no chain, and no maintenance with a mid-ships mounted multi-speed hub and a full length aluminum cage for the drive train. Therefore, easy tire changes, and smooth hub gear changes (even while not moving). The greenmachine is $6500 decked out, with the other two coming in pretty close to the same. The two carbon bikes have very low weights, but with obviously more maintenance issues. I am torn. Do any of you have greenmachine experience directly, and do any of those of you live in or around san diego? I am too low-vision to do my own maintenance, and the idea of maintenance free is appealing, but i can not seem to find one to test ride. Ideas?

RonH 04-28-11 05:44 PM

Welcome to BikeForums young man.
Stop by the 50+ forum or the Recumbent forum for help with the recumbent decision.

NCMTBIKER 05-03-11 05:53 AM


brucewayne 05-05-11 07:17 AM

Hello there

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