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little_owl 05-05-11 03:53 PM

Hello everyone.
I just joined this forum earlier today. I'm in Wheeling, W.V. and excited because I went to a new bike shop to look around today, to get some oil and possibly look for a new bike and there wasn't much to choose from but the person working there mentioned a bike that he had and was just fixing up and it was perfectly what I was looking for. For only a hundred dollars I got an 89' Cannondale. I love how barebones and lightweight that it is. I had been using a cheap bike that I got from a department store but it needed some tuning up and wasn't very good with longer distances so I am so happy with this new bike.

10 Wheels 05-05-11 03:57 PM

Congratulation on the bike.
Have fun with it.

NCMTBIKER 05-06-11 03:54 AM


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