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peskypesky 05-30-11 06:09 PM

Hi! Just joined. Manhattanite.
Hello all,
I'm very happy to find another forum to hang out on. I've mostly been on guitar forums, but I decided to dust off my bike and start riding now that the weather is nice.

I have a Specialized Crossroads hybrid bike that's probably about 12 years old but looks brand new because I hardly ever rode it. I took it out yesterday, went up the East River a bit, then to Central Park. Today I rode to and from my workplace (about a 4-mile ride). I wanted to get a feel for the ride as i hope to start commuting when weather permits.

It was a total blast! I really loved riding and seeing the city instead of being down in the subway. Now I feel like an idiot for not having been riding all these years. But better late than never, right?

I just ordered a Kryptonite lock, a mini pump and some riding shorts. I'm stoked. :)

GeoBigJon 05-30-11 08:03 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

But better late than never, right?
No Doubt!

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