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PlastikJesus 11-07-04 08:40 PM

Greetings from Missouri
Hello fellow cyclists! I am just gettin back into MTB'n after 4 years now of being away in the military.
I used to live in New Mexico, but now i am residing in missouri. Wish i could get back to the mountains of missouri! Anywhoo I just recently purchased a Trek 4500 hope it last me awhile! I am wanting to get a freeride bike in the 1,000$ range so if any of u all got some suggestions feel free to drop em by! later on!

jallen 11-08-04 12:10 AM

Freerides seem to be to be in the mid 1k's..

Anway I am not sure where St Joesph, MO is.. I'm over near Farmington MO and ride St Joe park once in a while, and Berryman trail. Plan to hit Council bluff pretty soon. in any case, its always nice meeting a fellow missourian :)

If you want solid advice about freerides, be sure to check out the mountain bike forum.. always hoppin over there.

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