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Ron Harry 06-01-11 04:25 PM

Ron in florida
Been riding bikes all my life, but trying to connect more to organized sport/events this year. I own five bikes. My best ride right now is a Specialized Roubaix, but my Trek 7.9FX is hard to beat also. I had planned on picking up a new Madone later this year, but I for some reason, seem to 'sense' Trek falling from favor in the biking world [ha, was it ever in favor? not sure]. Maybe it has to do with Armstrong's doping accusations? Or mabye some sort of 'sour grape' envy, Trek having won so many Tour de France's? Latest issue of 'Bicycling' did not even have a Trek in it's 'editor's pick' for this year...hmm? Curious. Forking out this kind of 'bucks' is not something I do everyday, so would appreciate any input [ha, probably the most asked question I would know, 'what bike should I buy', ha] [$4-5k range]. I'm old, big, and disconnected, so hard to try out every bike in the store, LOL.

10 Wheels 06-01-11 04:30 PM

Hi Ron.
Pick out 3 bikes that you like.
Line them up and yell "GO".
Buy the fastest one that fits from the bike shop that was the most friendly to you.

GeoBigJon 06-01-11 05:25 PM

Welcome to the forums! So how well do you like the 7.9FX? I am looking a couple bikes right now, only own a Trek Fuel EX 6, not the most expensive or lightest out there but she get the job done nicely. I am wanting to get something for the road, but not really a road bike, more of an all around kinda bike that might be come a tourer. The Trek FX line was presented to me, haven't ever seen one in person, so I am trying to get a feel for how riders like them. Is it safe to assume that since you are looking at the Madone you are wanting a more race style bike? Personally I can't answer any real questions, but that might help you get some better answers.

Ron Harry 06-03-11 11:32 AM

Hey Geobigjon...
I really love my 7.9FX. It feels 'tight'...and it's fast. It was a bit pricey though for the components on it...but the carbon fiber frame is top notch IMHO [though not Trek's OCLV handmade frames]. I looked at the Specialized Sirrus, but the FX series impressed me more and the 7.9 is sort in a class by itself, IMHO. I've ridden road bikes back to the 70's...but thought I wanted a flat bar as I'm older now with a paunch [I do a lot of town riding etc]. I was so impressed with the 'feel' of the 7.9FX that I'm assuming the madones must be an even more super bike. My Specialized Roubaix is also a nice bike and I have a 'fast' older aluminum Trek 2300. But I've just had 'madones' on my brain ever since getting the FX bike. I attend 'touring' events [centuries], and I'm seeing fewer Madones these days [though might have to do with the LBS's in a region and what is predmoninantly carried, not sure]. Still, I get this sense...comments here and there, nuiances in articles...I dunno...that Trek is somehow waning from the cycling community's favor. It's like, anyone riding a Trek now is marked as 'tourist' or 'newbie' or something...prone to some fast eddy's showroom floor where the market might be flooded with treks [but I see as much Specialized too...]. It's hard to become 'intimate' with a bike in a couple of 'demo rides' before buying, and who actually goes out and rides ALL the likely bikes in a given price range anyway? Being 'heavier', I really feel 'embarrassed' getting on a sporty high priced performance bike for a spin just to see what it 'feels' like. I've owned two TREKS now and they are super bikes.
But there are so many that could be even nicer out there [Cervalo, Scott, Felt, Giant...a dozen or so good names at least]. 5 grand (up to) is a lot of money to me. This will be my 'last' bike I think, so I want it to be 'right'. Good luck; if you do get a FX, I'm sure you'll love it. It just has a 'feel' to it; it 'takes me' rather than I 'take it'.

GeoBigJon 06-03-11 12:36 PM

Thanks for sharing your insight. I am going to have to find a dealer in either Austin or San Antonio that has some different stuff in stock so that I can try them out and see if I like them. I want to buy one time and not regret getting my new ride. Thanks again.

RonH 06-03-11 03:03 PM

Welcome Ron. Stop by the Southeast Regional subforum and say hello to the locals. Lots of FL folks there. :beer:

Whereabouts in FL?

Ron Harry 06-06-11 01:06 AM

The Daytona area.
Seems I'm right in the 'middle', in-between good locales for active biking organizations. We do have the Daytona club, but other than a few staple rides, not much on events etc [that I can see] and their website sucks [hope I'm not being unfair]. I went on and joined the North Florida Bicycle club just to get their newsletter and emails [they are to far away for real participation; but they do have special events and promotions and are quite large, well organized, with plenty of voluteerism]. I like the bike shops in Jacksonville too. My local LBS was a great one a few years back, but it came under new management, and I haven't had good luck there last few years. So, I often go all the way to Lake Mary [orlando area] just to shop at David's World [wish they had an outlet here in Daytona area]. There's a Port Orange shop I've heard is really good...but it's actually easier for me to go to Lake Mary, ha [while visiting relatives]. But, I am fortunate for having a perfect biking area right outside my door...a fully 25 mile, low traffic, no stop sign, tree canopied wetland ride we call the LOOP in this area. Only gets OLD, ha. So, I travel all the time to find new rides around the state. Lake County is a great county for rides...Mt. Dora and Clermont area. Next event I plan to attend is the Hospitality Highway Century in Altanta area [ in JULY...arggh...HOT!]. I just do metrics...but maybe a complete 100 mile by year's end, we'll see [plan to do the Horrible Hundred this year]. Love to talk bikes...any particular forum headings that might be recommended [there's quite a few to choose from]. Thanks to all...and may the wind be at your back. zwoooosh....

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