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macdaman 06-06-11 01:38 PM

Hello From NoVA

I am new to bicycling, I am planning to buy a road bike.

I am looking to buy a used one, what should I look for ?



RonH 06-06-11 02:29 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
I'm guessing you'll be looking on craigslist. Look for cracks or dents in the frame. Cracks around welds, dents anywhere from crashes.
Make sure the bike is the right size for you and it FITS. If it doesn't fit right you'll hate it and never ride it.
Read thru the General Cycling forum for more ideas and suggestions.

macdaman 06-06-11 02:38 PM

Ron, thanks for the welcome. May be this question might have been asked, how to check if the bike fits when you are buying a used road bike. Any pointers would be appreciated.

GeoBigJon 06-06-11 06:33 PM

Welcome to the forums! My question would be what do you plan on doing with the bike? Are you just wanting to get fit and loose weight, commute, or do some touring. Looking in the section specific to your interest will aide you in finding the bike that will be good for you.

macdaman 06-06-11 08:06 PM

Thanks Jon, I am thinking of loosing some weight :-)

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