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KleinBonTraut 06-07-11 05:30 PM

Hello wheel people!
Hello. I am E the rad from the midwest and have ridden constantly since childhood-so around 40 years now. My friends were mostly racers and bike shop folk-some pro-BMX racers around 1980 and roadies-one or 2 went to Europe with 7-11. The bikes I have owned? that was fun to think about- first a 20" from Ben Franklin, then a Schwinn Manta Ray, a CYC Stormer 20", a Hutch XL 24" Cruiser, a few 26" Schwinns transformed into mountain bikes before mountain bikes, sweet Columbus Trek road with full Campy Record group and high-flange hubs, a Razesa Road bike with Campy Group , Bridgestone MB-0, Bontrager OR RaceLite, Gt Hans Rey 20" Trials, FreeAgent 24" Cruiser, Eisentraut TIG/Rainbow Trout, Surly Cross Check, Klein Palomino, I realize I am forgetting some..Great memories!
Anyhoo-I raced some a few years back, and I have always continued to ride regularly, and commute as well. It has been so nice in the last few months to see all of these new commuters on the trails with new bikes, shiny helmets and new outerwear! Thanks to the increasing gas prices! Can't wait to join in the conversations!

10 Wheels 06-07-11 06:14 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

GeoBigJon 06-07-11 06:16 PM

Welcome to the forums!

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