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AtlantisArms 11-12-04 08:40 PM

New Member: AtlantisArms
Greetings all,
Who am I?

Long version:

Short version: Just a guy that is looking to do more in life. Life is an adventure. Be prepared. Enjoy.

I've been involved with firearms retail for years; however, I'm looking into returning to biking. I've biked the Berkeley (CA) hills over the years I lived in the east bay. Living in AZ now is a bit more intimidating (sharp rocks and cactus). And while working with The North Face, I was part of 24hrs of Adreneline.

Martial Arts: I've always been interested in Aikido; and I've a deep interest in combative Tai Chi (vs meditative). Likely course of action: Kung Fu. Anyone have comments for or against? Personal Experiences?

You'll see me around the boards here, asking questions, developing resources for my site (firearms retail at because I'll soon be expanding it to other Medical Supplies and then into Bicycles (parts).

Life is an adventure. I'm a workaholic that took his first day of vacation in 5 years. I'm trying to change into a more balanced life... and enjoying it!

Hope to meet more of you over the years to come.

Live large. Laugh often.

in Arizona...

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