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Sum 11-14-04 07:36 PM

Hello from chilly ontario
well, where do i start. I am a 16 year old biking enthusiast, who tends to buy cheap bikes, then end up trashing them at a local trail, then have to go and get an exchange, then end up trashing that bike, then end up forking the dough for a repair...sigh
i've seen this fourm once or twice, and i thought to myself "hey, therse guys know what they're talking about, maybe then can direct me to a suitable bike" so here i am. i hope to learn lots. see ya around

TriEngineer 11-15-04 08:38 AM


I am guessing you are posting on the mtb forums then?


Sum 11-15-04 02:35 PM


AndrewP 11-15-04 04:02 PM

Spend $200 more than you can afford. You know how you trashed your bikes so you know how you want your next bike to be better. Good luck.

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