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stolen bike

Old 07-27-11, 04:33 PM
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stolen bike

hi my name is Jeff m Rowley,,i live in the downtown TORONTO ,,AREA ,,on JULY the 9th,i was not in the best of moods that evening,,and i thought i would go out ,,and find i nice patio,,and treat myself to a cold drink,,Something i have not done in a long time ,,so i rode my BIKE,, to Kensington market ,,,and that's ware i found a nice small patio on Kensington called LOLA BAR,,so i put my bike in front of my table,,and went in and got myself a cold beer ,,and it was just nice to be able to sit and relax ,,,,so i put my ,,MP3,player on and started to listen to some music,,enjoying the cool breeze,,not long before the patio began to fill up a tad,,,now at this point i had to go to the washroom,,and i asked the person sitting next to me ,,if they don't mind keeping an eye on my ,,BIKE,while i run to the washroom,,,now they seemed nice and said ok,,,,well i got back and my ,BIKE was still there ,,cool,well time went by fast ,,and i got some more beer ,i was starting to enjoy myself,watching people and listening to my music,,it wasn't long before it got really busy ,,and i had a bit more beer ,i realize now that was a big mistake,,i was getting a bit tipsy ,,,,,NOW,this is ware it gets fuzzy,, ,,,i don't know what happened to my ,,BIKE,, all i know its now,,GONE,,unable to sleep or think,,properly ,,so upset at myself for allowing this to happen ,,allowing myself ,to get carried away like that,,SOME ONE IN TORONTO,,has my ,,BIKE,,I MIGHT HAVE BEEN A TAD DRUNK,but i believe that is no reason for someone to take advantage of me ,and take my bike,,yes i was in wrong ,,allowing my self to get carried away,,but still,,i have a dream like memory,of me being in a cab and half way home i realized i have no cash left,,i don't blame the cab driver for getting upset,,i said i,m so sorry ,and gave him what i had left in my change purse ,,then got out of the cab,,i might have left my bike in the cab,,,now i,m thinking he might have kept my bike for none payment,,i understand cab drivers have a policy to take things found to the police lost and found,,,but keep this in mind cab drivers are human to,,so he could have kept it,,,NOT KNOWING THE TRUE VALUE ,,of my bike,i have been back many times looking and putting posters of my ,BIKE and bike info,,i have made lots of videos ,of my bike ,,for ,FACE-BOOK,,PINK-BIKE ,,eBay,,and lots more hoping just hoping maybe someone out there might know some thing about my bike ,,I CANT AFFORD ,to buy another bike i,m on disability ,not working, ,,i have emailed every cab company in Toronto,,and sent a ,,PDF,file with my bike poster and info ,,same to every bike shop in Toronto,,most bike shops in the downtown core know my me and my bike,,,i,m also now thinking after going back to the market and talking to some of the people i met that night ,,they know more then what they are saying ,i,m a good judge of people on how they talk and say things,,i,m sending you this in hoping you can help in a small way,,if you go to ,,,FACE –BOOK,,and look under ,,,Dylan Shank's,,,that's the name i,m using,,on there,,you can see my videos and i have a picture of my bike ,,,i bought my bike brand new ,,then i rebuilt it with the best parts you can get,,its my baby,,,,,,is there anyway you can look in your hart and just maybe post my ,,video 9:02 AM 18/07/2011
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Did you copy and paste this from a piece of paper? I ask because I don't think all the formatting transferred over.
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S ,,e
.. ,,,
--------------u, S
, ,,, ............. ... .LY

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He also posted the identical info in the Eastern Canada subforum.
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Originally Posted by RonH View Post
He also posted the identical info in the Eastern Canada subforum.
You have to admit, there's a kind of poetry in it...
Knows the weight of my bike to the nearest 10 pounds.
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still drunk I see

Actually, probably a little something else mixed in there with alcohol
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