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soyciclista 07-29-11 12:59 PM

Newbie from Torrance, California
I just started to get serious about cycling. I got a 1985 nishiki prestige (WF15088) that my father found in a flee market. I didn't know anything about bikes but I love restoring things and putting them back together. So far, I freed all the stuck gears and clean it up a bit and so I road it for about 3 weeks now but i notice that shifting is not as smooth as it should so I joined here to do some more research and fine tune this cool road bike. I love riding it it makes me feel liberated from all the stress plus is light and a head turner:thumb:.

RonH 07-29-11 01:51 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
Stop by the Bike Mechanics and the Classic & Vintage forums for help with restoring the bike.

steve85 07-29-11 02:29 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

GeoBigJon 07-29-11 03:22 PM

Howdy and welcome to the forums!

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