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Hoopslfc 11-24-04 05:16 AM

Hello From sunny Asia
Hi all, great site and nice to meet you all, I'm an expat living in Thailand hence the title.

Johnny_Monkey 11-24-04 06:23 PM

What does Hoopsslfc stand for? A football club?

Hoopslfc 11-24-04 10:57 PM

Yes mate i run a liverpool football club forum hence lfc and hoops is derived from my surname.

Johnny_Monkey 11-24-04 11:13 PM

Are you a scouser then?

Hoopslfc 11-24-04 11:48 PM

No just a fan of the team, are you?

Johnny_Monkey 11-25-04 01:17 AM

No. To tell the truth I hate Liverpool FC with a passion.

I grew up in a household of Liverpool supporters in the 1970's & 1980's when they were winning everything and I was a Man Utd supporter.

Whenever I meet a fellow Man Utd supporter I have to qualify my support by saying I was supporting them when they were rubbish - due to so many people jumping on the Man Utd bandwagon in the last decade.

Asia's mad for the EPL. In Singapore they've got a Man Utd nightclub, a Man Utd shop, and a Man Utd for kids shop - all within 200 metres or so.

Hoopslfc 11-26-04 11:48 PM

Yeah crazy isn't it, Man U are cleaning up with the marketing side of things in Asia, however i am noticing a few more people jumping on the Arse and Chelski bandwagon.

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