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Galaxy 09-18-11 05:02 AM

Hello from Pennsylvania
hello all!

I began getting interested in biking when i bought an old road bike from a yard sale for 5 dollars :D I've researched and researched and have gotten links to this site before. It is a Galaxy 2 10 speed with Falcon gears. The badge on the front of the frame says made in korea, and " Par Excellence ". surprising to me, the gears shift very smoothly, and it is an ll around good bike for 5 dollars.

I also have a next Powerclimber.....yes i know it is no santa cruz or specialized mountain bike with disc brakes and all that, but it gets the job done. it was a VERY cheap bike, and nothing has broken yet in about 3 years. I required a set of bike ramps free from a neighbor, and i've been practicing my jumps on them.

Last but certainly not least, I have Redline 320 20 inch mountain bike with a racing frame.

Looking forward to browsing this site and wrenching on my bikes !


10 Wheels 09-18-11 08:08 AM

Hi Joe,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

DEK 09-20-11 06:13 AM

Welcome to the forums. Check out the mechanical forums if you like wrenching. I'm sure you'll find lots of good info there.

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