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justwarren 09-19-11 12:35 AM

Hi Everyone!
I am now 56 years old. I met my wife on a bike ride in Connecticut, 21 years ago. We rode all of the time then, 1500 to 2000 miles a year. Much less so now, as our three kids have taken up a lot of our time. I would still love to get back to riding. While I wasn't a racer, I loved to ride fast. My best time for a club ride was a 21.5 mile ride in one hour. It was a mixed ride of flat and rolling hills. So while I wasn't a speedster, I had a few good moments on the bike. I was wondering how much my Ritchey Classic Road bike might be worth now, so I posted the question on this forum. I have a nice, old Cannondale road bike, stiff and somewhat punishing, but I still like it. I was just wondering if the Ritchey is too valuable a bike to ride? So, take a look at my posting, and let me know, if you don't mind.

Juha 09-19-11 02:08 AM

Hello, welcome to Bike Forums!


Ellis Wyatt 09-14-12 05:52 AM

Welcome to BikeFourms.

Ellis Wyatt 09-14-12 05:53 AM

- and have some good rides :)

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