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Oldbikerider 09-22-11 09:03 PM

Howdy from TN.
I have begun a collection of old bikes as of this summer, mostly Schwinn. I ride a new Cannondale Comfort 4. I am retired and 64 years old. This new hobby is keeping me busy to say the least. I did find time to ride 15 miles this morning, which is a new record for me. I enjoy bikes, and everything related. I am now in the middle of a 1963 Schwinn Racer restoration. For the first time, I am caused to paint this one. Not really my bag of tricks, but I'll manage.

Just for kicks, and because I like the looks of it, I bought a 1965 Huffy Open Road this week. It is in great condition, but I can already see that it does not compare to a Schwinn.

Just wanted to say Hello.

DEK 09-23-11 06:40 AM

Welcome to BF. Make sure to check out the Classic and Vintage forum. Also, people here love to see pics of bikes especially ones being restored. You know, some "before and after" pics.

Cyclaholic 09-23-11 07:11 AM

Hi oldbikerider, welcome to Bikeforums.

Congrats on taking up cycling at 64 years young :thumb: may want to check out the 50+ forum and vintage & classic as well if you're getting into restoring older bikes, but be careful, it's addictive! :D

GrandBob 09-23-11 10:33 AM

Hello. I too am a recent poster here and live in Nashville. Did part of the Bike Ride Across Tennessee last week. If you are close to Nashville maybe we could make a riding connection some time.

Oldbikerider 09-23-11 08:36 PM

I only have "before" pics right now. I'll see if I can figure out how to put them up.


Oldbikerider 09-23-11 08:39 PM


When you did the across TN ride, you came close to me. I live 25 mi south of David Crockett park. I was up that way and completely forgot about it until it was too late. I looked into that, and saw the route, and the amount of miles covered per day. I am not quite up to that level yet.

I am 100 miles south of Nashville, but hey, we could meet on the Trace sometime.


Oldbikerider 09-23-11 08:42 PM

Thanks for the warning Cyclaholic, but you are too late with your warning. I will check out the old folks page.


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