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Michael Gill 10-06-11 01:08 PM

My midlife crisis rides an old French bike.
Hi Everyone! I've been introduced to Bike Forums by a commenter on my blog, who says this will be a great forum for info relative to my restoration project. Here's what happened: I was in high school in 1979 when I bought a Peugeot PX10, which I rode and raced for 5 or 6 years before I bought another bike and sold the Peugeot.

Decades passed. My riding habits changed. I'm a commuter now, but lately I've been riding for fun, and missing that old Peugeot. So I took up the habit of trolling Craigslist for cool old bikes.

One day I found a listing for "two high-end Peugeot frames from the '70s." I went to check them out. As I looked one over, I saw that it was not only the same make, model, size and color as my old bike, but it had stickers I had put there 30 years earlier--incontrovertable proof that this was my own frame.

I'm just at the beginning of restoration, which I'll do as I come up with the cash. The full story is on my blog, a link to which should appear in my signature. The title of the story (if you happen to go looking) is "My Midlife Crisis Rides and Old French Bike."

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and looking forward to picking your collective brains.

10 Wheels 10-06-11 01:31 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

What luck some riders have.

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