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Spruce 10-16-11 05:15 PM

Hello from Houston!
I'm a relative newbie to riding. It's strictly a functional endeavor for me: I ride my bike to work, school, the store, etc. Or, I did until my bike was stolen. Today I bought my first fixie. So you'll be hearing a lot from me!

I've learned so much already, just reading posts on here. It's pretty amazing!

CbadRider 10-16-11 07:38 PM

Welcome to the forum!

You might want to check out the Singlespeed&Fixed Gear and Commuting forums.

10 Wheels 10-16-11 08:26 PM

Howdy Spruce,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Spruce 10-17-11 08:51 AM

...for the warm welcome!

My fixie is a late fifties (I think) Hercules. So I'll be hanging in all sorts of forums. I'm pretty sure I was taken for a bit of a ride on the price (rookie mistake!) but I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It spoke to me. It needs some work, for sure. But I just need it to ride. I kinda want it to retain its weathered, used look. It's a bicycle, not a show piece. lol.

Couch 10-22-11 07:26 PM

Welcome Spruce! I may be moving to Houston in the spring.


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