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NamInCanada 10-21-11 07:38 PM

Hello from Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone. I'm Cyril and I'm originally from hot, dry Namibia in Africa. I've only been in Canada for a few months and my bike finally arrived (from Taiwan where I've been working and traveling for the last 4 years) yesterday. Couldn't wait to get on it, but I had to purchase a few items to keep me from freezing. Quite the difference in temperature from Taiwan, where it is now high summer, to here, where it's now colder than it ever gets over there and winter hasn't even started. Commuted to school (Teacher's College) for the first time this morning. It was awesome, but pretty cold. I'm excited and terrified of the terrible Canadian winter that's ahead of me. From what I've been reading online there are quite a few people who cycle through the winter here. I'm definitely gonna try it. It'll be the first time that I see snow this winter so it'll be an adventure for sure.

1nterceptor 10-22-11 01:11 AM

Welcome aboard, check out the Winter and
also the Commuter section for cold weather
riding tips:)

NamInCanada 10-22-11 08:37 PM

Cheers, I'll do that.

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