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yellowbarber 11-19-11 04:09 PM

hello from smelly, overcrowded NYC; the world's largest shopping mall
Hi gang,
I'm Tom & I'm new here as a result of vintage bike part & mechanical searches brought me to the forum a few times.
I used to zip around on a Ross coaster when I was a kid, which I changed and modified the components on every spring. I was on a year-round swim team when I was a teenager and rode about 10 miles everyday from cross training. Then the hippy fairy came along and turned me into a slob for the next 25 years until I discovered Paris' Velib bikeshare program. Things got pretty bad a few months ago when I salvaged an orphaned early 60s Nottingham 3 speed sports from the NYC sanitation dept.

And that's how I find myself here...looking for pointers on the care & feeding of an old Sturmey Archer AW hub; looking for BSA threaded nuts and bolts, whitworth spanners, pedal parts...blah, blah, blah.

It's bad enough that I collect guitars, fiddles and mandolins. Now, I have managed to attract three more old English 3 speeds to my pile-o-stuff.

10 Wheels 11-19-11 09:27 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums Tom.

1nterceptor 11-19-11 10:11 PM

Welcome aboard, you forgot to add
"We have the most hookers hooked on crack" :)

Kingshead 11-19-11 10:38 PM

Welcome to the Horde. How about sharing some pics of your (rehabilitated) bikes.

yellowbarber 11-21-11 12:45 PM

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I haven't had a chance to take any pics of the bikes yet, but when I do I'll post them in the "For the love of English 3 speeds..." thread here:

Until then, here's a pair of old Kalamazoo production rides that I brought back to life.
(I promise not to make a habit of instrument postings, it is a bike forum after all)
A 1917 A-4 mandolin, needed it's back glued back on, tuners replaced, new nut and frets dressed. Now living with some happy mando geek near Paris.
A 1932/33 L-50, barn find. Was in absolute ruins when I found it, needed a nearly complete rebuild:
cracks closed, some new braces, leveled fingerboard, nut, bridge, frets, tuners, french polish, and so on...
Lives near the top of my pile-o-junk.
(the other one is a friend's 1948 LG-2 @ Galax Old Fiddlers' Convention 2008)

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