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moonkat 12-10-04 07:05 AM

Howzit from wog in Maryland !?
Expatriate wog (Weak Old Guy) from Hawaii saying "Howzit ?!" (Hawaii slang for "How are you "Yo ?!". Enjoying resumption of bicycling so much I'm looking to get an early start on next biking season and have been shopping for a new bike. I've upgraded my old '84 Team Miyata (all Dura-Ace) more than I should have and have finally drawn the line at replacing front fork with threaded carbon....did the Ultegra Triple crank, front and rear derailleurs, Ritchie Pro w/9spd cassette wheels, and even to carbon flat bar and LX Deore Rapid Fire Shifters which work really well. Couldn't see $200 for Shimano Brifters either. Around here, Harford County, Maryland - numerous, lovely country roads but carpal tunnel syndrome terrain on the old steel steed.

Weather here is already prohibitive - anything below 60 degrees is freezing where I come from and two weeks away from regular rides and my conditioning is gone ... but great feeling while it lasted.

Laters (Hawaii slang for departing "Yo"),

Gus Riley 12-16-04 09:57 AM

Welcome to the forums moonkat! Wow! What a change for you! You are a better man than I! Once in Hawaii, nothing could have pried me out!

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