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Sessamoid 12-11-04 09:59 PM

Venice, CA
Hi all. Just found this site, and it's amazingly huge! Does anybody know of any forums specifically for the SoCal area cyclists?

Anyway, seems like a great site so far.

JavaMan 12-11-04 11:23 PM

Welcome to BikeForums! Yes, there are almost too many posts - it's overwhelming at first. Don't know of a forum for SoCal cyclists, but I haven't looked for one, either. Please let me know if you find one.

Painterman 12-12-04 12:04 AM


I just joined and I am in southern calif. also. Santa Monica to be exact... Hello all !

HCHENNINGS 12-12-04 10:14 AM

this looks like a pretty good forum for socal bicyclists. people from all around come to socal. of course we have too many threads. but they are all good. just pick one and go. regards, henry

Guest 12-12-04 11:20 AM

Venice.... love that area. I used to live by Venice and Lincoln and ride my bike down to the beach all the time and use the library for internet access. I also used to go to that breakfast place on Rose and Main for the half price omlettes before 6am. Great place!

Welcome to the forums!


bikesocalguy 12-19-04 10:54 PM

Hello Sessamoid,
You should check out It's a really good site for socal cyclists. I live in the Venice area and use it all the time. It maps out bike friendly commutes in Southern Cal and there is a forum on it too. ride on-bikesocalguy

Gus Riley 12-20-04 10:28 AM

Welcome to the forums Sessamoid! Venice is such a great place to visit! I have been there many times, but I have never seen Condoleezza Rice there :D

Sessamoid 12-21-04 02:47 AM

No Condy Rice. But we keep an eye out for my neighbor Julia Roberts. My friend spotted her at the local grocery store this time last year.

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