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drumgirl 01-12-12 09:38 PM

Hey y'all! - from Middle Tennessee!
Howdy! I'm somewhat of a newbie here south of Nashville, TN. I bought my first bike back on July 4th weekend - a late 1980's Georgena Terry Chrom Triathlon. I love it and am getting kind of addicted to riding. It's just so cold right now! Maybe I just need to suck it up, layer up and tough it out, but ugh, it's tough to get motivated when it's cold (to me - a southern gal originally from Alabama.)
I would love to get to the point where I can ride the 15 mile each way commute to work a few days a week. But, I may need a sturdier bike. Not sure...
Anyway, I love the forum and the great advice and friendships built here. So, keep it up!

-Deidre aka drumgirl (yep, I'm a chick drummer) :p

1nterceptor 01-13-12 12:01 AM

Welcome aboard, just add more layers and ride! :D
Biking during winter by 1nterceptor, on Flickr

Mondo734 01-13-12 12:05 AM

I am a newbie too and I live in Denver, CO and I definitely have the same problem when its cold I really just dont want to ride. But I found that if you buy some cold weather sports gear, and not necessarily bike gear just some nike or under armour cold weather stuff it helps a lot.

drumgirl 01-16-12 08:11 PM

1nterceptor - you're a trooper. Now I really feel like a wuss!
Mondo734 - thanks for the advice. I guess I need to do some cold weather sports gear shopping. Darn, shopping. :)

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