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taz_st1000 01-21-12 10:30 PM

hey guys, from modesto california...
Hi my name is Eduardo, Im 25 years old and I live in modesto ca. I just bought a bike and I've been riding it almost every day. Last time I rode a bike was 9 years ago when I lived in mexico. I fell in love with my bike since the first time I rode it, even thou I didnt know nothing about it. I spent hours doing research on it and after 2 days I found pictures of a bike that looked like mine. It was a Santa Cruz Heckler, after looking at different Santa Cruz bikes I found out my bike is a santa Cruz Tazmon. I googled it and couldnt get a lot of info. hopefully Ill get some input about this bike.

1nterceptor 01-22-12 12:10 AM

Welcome, try posting in the mountainbiking area.
Pretty sure you'll get al lot of info from there.

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