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mda2345 12-18-04 01:35 AM

I found this site a few weeks ago after my bike of 18 years was stolen right out of my garage. What a drag. But the hole experience of getting a new bike (actually 2) has been a lot of fun. I got some advice from some of you, read some stories and felt the passion for riding you all hold. I've enjoyed evesdropping on your community and hope to contribute as I can. Yesterday I took my new bike out for its first real ride and it was great. 47 feeling 22.
I used to ride a lot. Went form Oregon to Maine 20 years ago. Raced a little. Built a few bikes up from bargin frames. Now I commute when I can. Go to the grocery with wide mouth panniers. Ride with my kids - try to get them avoid the 'cager' dependence. I look forward to riding more - enjoying the freedom of a bike.
Thanks, mda (portland, OR - displaced New Englander - go sox)

PS I lost a '86 stumpjumper to some a-hole; got a '02 Jamis Coda (new, love it!) and a ~'96 Trek 950 fixer-upper that I've painted, and revived w/ new drivetrain and TLC.

Gus Riley 12-18-04 11:11 AM

Welcome to the forums mda2345! Oregon to Maine? Did you start in Florence? The wifey and I hope to start from Florence and make our way to Yorktown, VA, beginning in a year or so. Great to see your misfortune of losing a prized possession, have a bright side to it!

mda2345 12-19-04 02:56 PM

Started in Eugene to Sedgwick Maine. Good luck w/ your trip. After our kids get bigger we we dream of doing it again. During our trip we met an older couple in a campground in central Idaho who were in the middle of a round trip tour of the country. It was great motivation, then and now.

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