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dozercsx 12-21-04 10:21 PM

NorCal recumbent Rider joins the party

I'm a recumbent rider in Santa Clara County, Northern California, who's always looking to get/give two cents on the recumbent aspects of cycling (Are they really that fast? Are they really more comfortable? Can they climb, or can't they?) and find there are precious few forums to chat thereupon, so I decided to join and check this one out. I've got engineering background, so I love to talk bike-tech, and I've been riding seriously for 3 years now. I own a recumbent road bike and a recumbent mountain bike (yes, you read that right) and use them both to the tune of 50-60 miles a week.

Catch you on Skyline, and if it's downhill, make sure you stay to the right... ;-)

JoeLonghair 12-22-04 05:11 AM

Welcome dozercsx
Nice to have your comments. Never really tried a recumbent, next time I see one I,ll see if I can blag a ride, got to try everything, any how nice to have an engineer on board, sure your brains will be picked for suggestions. :)

bnet1 12-22-04 06:36 AM

Welcome to the forums from one 'bent rider to another! You said one was an MTB type, RANS Vivo maybe? I'm on a RANS Tailwind. Lot's to be said for 'bents. I've only been riding since spring but since getting the 'bent I haven't been back on the road bike! You might also want to join the "bentrideronline" forum. It is strictly 'bents. Nice bunch of people too. The 'bent forum on this site is pretty good as well. Pedal easy now.

'bent Brian

dozercsx 12-23-04 01:53 AM

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the quick comments. Either good instincts, or psychic - my bikes are indeed a '99 RANS Tailwind, AND a 2004 RANS Vivo (Everybody's got to have a road bike and a mountain bike!). Both with substantial part upgrades.

And Joe, once you try a recumbent, I bet you won't go back... ;-)

danhulme 12-30-04 10:45 PM

Ok I want to use a stationary bike to set up a generator station to run the TV & computer. I figure I can set up a drive system for an alternator to charge a sealed 12 volt car battery. Have the battery go to a 2000w inverter. Plug and play system. Do any of you know of an affordable system on the market to do this with?

ProviJo 01-06-05 10:09 PM

"bent" rider here too. Had an accident on the upright (wedgie)and then back surgery. On the bent each morning for 15 miles from 5AM to 6AM. I LOVE it! sometimes it isn't fun, but it is always interesting ( if only just avoiding the deer road kill and the occassional stray hubcap.

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