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jayson 12-26-04 06:03 PM

Yorkshire, UK
Hi everyone, i seem to be an island on my own here among all u foreigners :D Got back into mtb'ing this yr after being away for about 12 yrs :eek: I ride XC/trail im just not brave/mad enough to do DH!!! I own 2 bikes at the mo, an 04 Marin Mount Vision and an 04 Rock Lobster Tig Team SL. As soon as i get fit again i want to do my first race so anyone who's in or been in the same position, wahey!!! :D :D

Gus Riley 12-29-04 09:39 AM

Welcome to the forums jayson! Rest assured, you have plenty of company from your homeland (UK) residing here in these forums. Enjoy.

jayson 12-30-04 11:34 AM

Yeah cheers Gus. I spent alot've time i chicago a fews ago, its like my second home. You anywhere near there?

Gus Riley 12-30-04 11:41 AM

We're around 3 1/2 hours south of Chi-town. I was just up there on Sunday. The threat of snow drove me back home though.

A.troll 12-30-04 04:48 PM

Welcome, Jayson!


jayson 01-02-05 06:42 AM

Thanks troll, do u live under a bridge by any chance?? ;) :D

eubi 01-05-05 07:32 AM

Hello jayson.

I was in your wonderful country uh...Monday. My son's marching band played in the New Years Day parade. I'm still a bit jet lagged.

Loved London. Walked all over. I can hardly wait to go back (with my bike).

Kayakado 01-05-05 08:13 AM

welcome. What a great place to mtb. I spent a lot of time in the Dales, mostly walking or just driving around. Those trips would have been wonderful on a bike! I had friends who had family there so every trip over we spent most of our time there. I haven't really cared for much of the rest of the country after spending time there. I am kind of spoiled, the rest just didn't measure up.

jayson 01-05-05 11:57 AM

Yeh thanks everyone. There are some great riding spots hear. The yorkshire dales are about 45 mins west of me and the Yorkshire moors about the same but east, its some of the finest mtb'ing terrain in the entire country if you're ever here again :) Eubi, we usually watch the parade but this yr we were all just to hung over to watch a noisy parade for a few hrs so missed it unfortunately. Whereabouts are u from anyway?

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