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blogan89 04-02-12 02:18 PM

SF Bay area Klein addict here!
I'm a mid 40s family man in the Santa Cruz mountains, with an unending hunger for vintage Klein road bikes, and am always visiting this forum to find out technical details on vintage parts, or compatibility issues. Sheldon Brown is my hero. Good to be here. Sell me your Quantum. -Ben

10 Wheels 04-03-12 05:51 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums Ben.

RiA59 04-03-12 11:03 AM

Have you checked out Slough's Bike shop in San Jose? George is a good guy and has been selling Kleins for quite some time.

jogger4life 04-26-12 07:29 PM

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Hi Ben - Good to hear there are some still interested in the vintage Klein road bikes. I recently picked up a Klein Performance in Kansas City. It does have Campagnolo headset and crankset components (53/42). Research info has been spotty. The stamped serial number is S556 and there is a sticker on the downtube that says "patent pending". I am thinking this could be mid to late 70s since the red Modolo Pro brake calipers were not introduced until 1978. The frame is 60cm and fits me great and rides very fast. Any ideas on when this frame was made? My reading indicates these bikes were made to order. Hope the pictures help. I'll keep my eye out for a Quantum. Jim

BangkokJoe 01-30-13 08:11 AM

Also new to this forum. Klein Performance owner, bought it new in Oxnard, now living in Bangkok. Expect to be in SFO in late April. If you happen to run across an old Performance frame with downtube mounted shifter boss feeding internal cables send up a flare.

blogan89 02-04-13 11:44 AM

Sorry for such a late reply!(if I haven't already done so) What a specimen you have! I have never seen a Klein frame without shifter bosses. Even an old Klein frame I have prior to serialization has bosses, so I'm not sure how to date this bike. Serialization, by my best estimates was present on all bikes post 1980, but prior to that I don't know. The stem shifter may have been a custom option, or one only available to the touring frames. Bikes of this era were all custom built I believe and the original owner may have just specified stem shifters. Or per most touring set ups, they started as bar end shifters and were switched over to some retro stem shifters because the owner didn't like the brifter set up. (not period for such a classic frame) Either way I would just date the other components on the bike using the two letter code (works for suntour and shimano at least) see I have the sister to this frame I believe, number S6##. I'll have to check it when I get home. Thanks for posting the pics. I love the "colorway"!

blogan89 02-04-13 11:46 AM

@bankokjoe, What size frame are you looking for? I think I have at 60cm, gold, just like the one pictured above, if you're interested.

jogger4life 02-04-13 07:57 PM

That is good insight on why there are no downtube shift bosses. I have several vintage road bikes, including a 1975 Motobecane Grand Touring. This Klein Performance has the longest chain stays of all my bikes, measuring 18 inches from the center of the crank to the rear axle. That should give some extra clearance when riding with panniers. I have been able to do some more research on my components and believe this Klein is a 1983 based upon the codes on the crank arms.

BangkokJoe 02-07-13 10:50 PM

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Frame size is not important since I am looking for parts. I need a "top of the down tube" shifter boss instead of the side bosses in the picture above. Goes in position in the attached picture. Objective is to restore my original Klein by getting ready of the bar end shifters that I "upgraded" to 20 years ago.

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