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wildlife447 04-06-12 09:32 AM

Hello from Thunder Bay Ontario
Found this forum and love it! I ride a Marin Mt. Vision full suspender, and a GT Avalanche Hard-Tail. A year-round rider, without using studded tires in the cold months.
Pedal forth....................

Bikes and Jeeps 04-06-12 10:11 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Zumbawamba 04-07-12 10:54 PM

A fellow canadian welcome. pictures?

wildlife447 04-09-12 06:25 AM

I'm going to pull my pic off Facebook, and plant it here, somehow. Not as computer literate as I am cycle literate.

10 Wheels 04-09-12 06:29 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

We all like pics.

puchfinnland 04-10-12 11:01 AM

We have a forumite from Thunder Bay, very friendly, and I am sure you will find any bicycle or part you are looking for from him!I am sure you guys can go for a ride also
member name "randyjawa" and his website

"hey supermodel set the rest of us free, there is gennie in the bottle or in that magazine"

wildlife447 04-16-12 03:58 AM

Say, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for randyjawa i Thunder Bay. Thanks for the heads-up!!

randyjawa 04-16-12 04:16 AM

Hello wildlife447 and welcome to the Bike Forums.

If you need to hook up, send me an email through my website and we can make it happen. Lots of vintage stuff going on in Thunder Bay, not to mention the wonderful Bicycles for Humanity organization which might prove of interest to you.

Also, I have a near mint GT in The Old Shed right now and I am going to let it go...

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