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bpr 04-08-12 02:33 PM

Hello from Arlington, VA
I've had a Kona Smoke for about 6 years and have probably put under 100 miles on it. It just sat in the garage ignored for years...well, no more!

I'm not sure what got into me but last month I decided to start riding again, like I did 20 years ago.

In the few weeks on this forum I have learned a lot (a ton more to learn) and have started to upgrade my Smoke. Also learned about n+1 and have spent a lot of downtime shopping/building/making lists :D

Anyway, happy to have found this place.

My Smoke this morning - I had everything in my backpack but have a cargo rack on order

1nterceptor 04-08-12 03:33 PM

Howdy, nice bike!

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