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secondchance 04-11-12 05:58 PM

Mavic Ma 40's
Does anyone know how much the 1980 era Mavic 40 emr7 stainless steeleyelet rims wheigh? There great training rims that I got back in maybe 1984? I ride a Ciocc Mockba 80 original owner and am thinking about shaving some weight with Campy carbon rims.

10 Wheels 04-12-12 06:04 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

I just got two sets of Mavic Open Sports with 105 hubs.
Great Wheels.

10 Wheels 04-12-12 06:05 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

I just bought two sets of Mavic Open Sports with 105 hubs
Great Wheels.

Chicago Al 04-12-12 08:10 AM

Hi, Second Chance. I can't tell you about the weight, though I have a wheelset with those same rims, came on a mid 80s Pro Miyata I picked up.

You will likely get an educated answer to that question on the Classic and Vintage forum here. Lots of people there who ride (and collect and wrench and obsess about) vintage steel bikes. Your Mockba would be appreciated there too, if you felt like posting a picture. Heck, I'd be interested in seeing pics of it...there was one for sale on my local CL lately, and it might still be available.

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