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tradewind 12-29-04 10:48 AM

Greeting from Vancouver,B.C
hi all,
I have been reading this forum for a while and really like this cycling community. Great advice and good humor.
I live in Vancouver, B.C. and have been commuting by bicycle for over 20 years. My commute is 20K a day and have not missed to many days in all these years. The weather here has a lot to do with that. Not too many snowy days,but lots of rain in the winter.
I currently use a Kona Explosiv for commuting and ride a Marinoni "ciclo" on weekends. The Marinoni can also been used for light touring. It has all the eyelets needed.

many happy miles

Gus Riley 12-29-04 10:56 AM

Welcome to the forums tradewind! Is there still a club downtown called Oil Can Harry's"? I think it was Harry's. That was the last place I remember about Vancouver many many years ago!

tradewind 12-29-04 11:00 AM

that was many moons ago.


jeff williams 12-29-04 01:57 PM

Kona Explosiv is a sweet bike..must be nice for the urban rides.
I live over in Victoria, am riding a Ritchey P-series mtb.

Is it true about Surrey girls?....nice weather eh?

I've just left my offroad tires on all year, the streets have so much wet leaf in the winter, and i'm half offroad summer. Are you running slicks on the Explosiv? I just hate sliding on wet stuff, find the xc tires work better here.


tradewind 12-29-04 05:11 PM

jeff w.
Up to now I used Tioga "city slickers". I just bought Panaracers "Urban Max" give them a try in this weather.

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