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s031180 04-13-12 10:13 PM

Hello from Ottawa, Canada
Hi! I am a student living in downtown Ottawa, my old bike was stolen a while ago and I started building my first bike, with a peugeot sport frameset. Thanks to this forum the building process is made a lot easier.

I find myself addicted to building bike, I read posts about bike parts for fun and read sheldon brown in my spare times. Currently thinking about converting into fixed gear after trying on a friends bike (He somehow jammed his freewheel so it's fixed!), I'd rather get a new wheel if I am converting into fixed gear, but don't have $130 to get a new wheel yet. I love working on my bike! I almost put as much time working on my bike than I ride it (so far)!

English is my second language, I usually proof read what I typed but if there's any mistakes slipped through, my apologies and feel free to point it out, that's how I learn.

10 Wheels 04-14-12 04:58 AM

Howdy from Texas,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Good luck on the new wheel.

Bikes and Jeeps 04-14-12 07:02 AM

Hello neighbour!!
Your written english is almost perfect. :)

dramiscram 04-17-12 11:46 AM

Plus comfortable en français? Moi aussi mais les gens sur ce forum sont très aimables malgré mes nombreuses fautes d'anglais. Bienvenue sur BF

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