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ChrisDR 04-17-12 01:17 PM

Hello from Long Beach, CA
Hello everyone,

I have been casually browsing for a bike for some time now, and have finally decided to get after it.

My main goal is to be able to enjoy the great Southern California weather and hopefully get in shape while doing it.

This place sure does seem like a great resource of knowledge so I am really looking forward to learning and hopefully down the road, contributing as well.


10 Wheels 04-17-12 01:20 PM

Howdy Chris,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Your best bet is to visit All the bike shops in your area.

Buy from the friendly shop.
They will be a great help for minor problems and questions, as well as warranty repairs if you need them.

ChrisDR 04-17-12 04:23 PM

Thanks for the welcome!

1nterceptor 04-17-12 05:28 PM

Welcome aboard!
Which bike are you getting?

ChrisDR 04-17-12 10:42 PM

I am looking in to building a Pake single speed.

There is certainly a lot of information to know, and it does make it difficult being that there are some threads with 1,000+ posts. Haha.

I suppose I just shouldn't be afraid to ask, so long as I can keep it to one thread.

Thanks for the welcome!

Jeffdawg 04-19-12 10:54 PM

Hey Chris,
I'm Jeffdawg and I'm a newbie too :D I'm origanlly from North Long Beach, Cherry and 68th St. I now live in Springfield, Mo what part of the LB you from? and welcome aboard :D

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