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Ihitatree 04-18-12 12:43 AM

GA pedal convert
I went to my LBS (as I see it is called) and told the (great) guy that I raced a 250 KTM, and now I wanted to try mountain biking (like how Happy Gilmore was a hockey player who just happens to be golfing).

I told him I never had a good "pedal bike" before, and he informed me that "we just call them bikes."

He sold me a Haro flightline 29er with low end disc brakes and a locking fork for $480 and I hit the single track, and it was like I was born on the thing. (I realize that I've still never had a "good bike" according to most, but to me it's amazing) the next day I bought my girl a Specialized just so she could ride with me.

So now I'm addicted and I thought I'd join a forum in case I had questions.

I'll use the search feature with extreme prejudice, so I probably won't have many posts... But I felt like I'd help ad revenue by not just lurking.

BR46 04-18-12 04:36 AM

Hi and welcom to the BF
Do you race moto or hare scrambles, GNCC?

10 Wheels 04-18-12 07:02 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums Ihitatree,

Ask as many times as you want.
We all have many answers.

Ihitatree 04-18-12 10:44 AM

Originally Posted by BR46 (Post 14112538)
Hi and welcom to the BF
Do you race moto or hare scrambles, GNCC?

SETRA and SORCS mostly. SETRA races at a few GNCCs, Big Buck and The General. I am in grad school now, so I don't get to race, but hopefully I can race my mountain bike if I can train twice a week. Dirt biking takes so much more time and money, and the reward for mountain biking seems greater per time spent.

BR46 04-19-12 06:06 PM

I'll be in GA. next week to ride at Highland park or at AMP than my son and I are going to race a GNCC at Park City KY.

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