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asemargaret 01-06-05 09:18 PM

hey, this is my first ever post, i just registered. i just picked up mountain biking. trying to find other cyclists who are probably a lot more bike savvy than I. :D

iceratt 01-07-05 09:18 PM

Welcome. Do you intend to ride on moutain trails, or do you use it as an urban assault vehicle? There are a fair number of kids on the forums. I hope you like visiting.

alanbikehouston 01-07-05 09:31 PM

You have picked a great sport. Sometimes, reading these forums, you could get the idea that BIKES are the important thing. Don't forget, it is RIDING that is the important thing - ride every day if you can. Even a short ride to the corner store beats sitting in a car, or on the sofa.

asemargaret 01-07-05 10:52 PM

yeah, im not too good with bike vocabulary but i agree riding is more important. and i WOULD RIDE if this torrential down pour decides to stop! ah its been raining for weeks! ive only riden a mtb trail once in december and plan to go back once the weather improves. i dont plan on turning it into a cruiser so yes, i'll be on the mountain trails :)

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