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debilee 06-01-12 11:18 AM

Hello everyone im from Dorset UK
Hi guys :) Just wanted to introduce myself, Im debilee 41 5"3 and I live in Christchurch England UK.
I have a dilemma which I hope you can help me with, I am about to purchase a Doggyride Novel Trailer for my West Highland Terrier and my Yorkshire Terrier, to pull behind my bike. However, the bike I have at the moment is only a cheap second hand Apollo Mountain bike I bought years ago and am now looking to buy something more suitable.
I really have no idea what im looking for, but im almost certain its a Mountain bike I need.
I dont have much money to spend as the Doggy trailer is costing me 400 + so I am looking at spending aroung 200 for the bike.
I will be using it for both on and off road, I find my Apollo a speedy little bike with much gumption, However, I intend to cycle long distance in the near future and I dont think the Apollo is up to it. My new bike doesnt have to be brand new, Im guessing il get a better spec bike, second hand for the money.
Any advice is truly welcome and much appreciated. (bearing in mind I live in the UK)

10 Wheels 06-01-12 02:23 PM

Howdy debilee,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Post in here for help.

debilee 06-01-12 06:17 PM

Howdy 10 wheels :)

Thank-you very much for your welcome and advice. Its great to have found such a wonderful site full of enthusiastic like minded cyclist, who seem keen to want to share their knowledge and help others. I realised I posted in the "introductions" section, So I appreciate the link in the right direction :) as a newbie im bound to get lost and confused at first, so am extreemly grateful to you, and anyone else who helps me out along the way. Blessings to you all and happy cycling!

10 Wheels 06-01-12 06:24 PM

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Most of us like to help new riders with questions and problems.

Look around and have fun posting.

I just got this trailer for $25 at a garage sale. ( my grocery getter)

debilee 06-01-12 06:43 PM

Well thats good to hear. Im sure I will, and I have, its great!
Err Wow at the trailer, $25 ?? Im gob-smacked! What a bargain, you could easily fit plenty of groceries in that no problem, great buy.

GeoBigJon 06-01-12 09:44 PM

Welcome to the forums!

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