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PJCB 06-04-12 01:48 PM

Fledgling Mechanic and Rider
Hi, I'm PJ. I am just getting back into riding and building, but have been doing it my whole life. I haven't done much in a few years, but have recently decided I missed it too much. I am currently rebuilding two vintage road bikes for my partner and I to ride around on, and have dreams of rebuilding old bikes for new riders. I live in north-central CT, work in manufacturing and go to school as well. I also love to camp and go on adventures, I'm currently restoring a canoe as well. If you can't tell, I love DIY projects.

10 Wheels 06-04-12 03:21 PM

Hello PJ,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Very nice hobbies.

Zephyr11 06-04-12 07:59 PM

Hi PJ! Check out the Classic and Vintage:
and Bicycle Mechanics:
forums! Enjoy your stay!

GeoBigJon 06-04-12 09:40 PM

Welcome to the forums PJ!

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