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ManPowerdTravel 08-02-12 01:30 PM

Commuter Turning Tourist from Southwest Florida
Hi, my name's Ryan. I'm 24, and graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University about a year ago with a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering. I lived off-campus almost my entire time as a student there and when car troubles and stinginess combined, my car was set aside and I became a bicycle commuter on my Schwinn. As I gained more experienced with getting around on my bike, I eventually signed up for a trip from the west coast of Florida over to the east coast and I realized that it is really cool to travel by bike, not just get around within your city of residence. Riding bikes also has the element of being eco-friendly.

Now, I'm planning on heading out on a cross-country bike tour on my Surly Long Haul Trucker, with lots of stops at cool state and national parks as well as organic farms to learn about growing food responsibly and meet some cool people! See y'all 'round the forums! :)

PhotoJoe 08-02-12 02:52 PM

Welcome. That sounds like quite the adventure. Make sure you stop into the Touring forum and say hi.

Zephyr11 08-03-12 09:46 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums! Sounds like a fun trip!

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